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Project Info


Like millions of other people, my wife and I were in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and she began to work from home. She began to think that this might be the ideal time to launch her baking site, My Sweet Tooth Bakery.

We discussed the idea and we began to formulate ideas as to the design and look she would want to have. If you do not already know, food blogging is extremely competitive in that there are literally tens of thousands of food blogs and sites.

The challenge was two-fold:

  1. How to make her blog stand out from the pack
  2. Realizing it would require patience and hard work


Our solution was to go for what I refer to as a rustic look with accent colors that are associated with baking.

We chose brown tones and pastels and Cormorant Garamond font as well as placing emphasis on high quality copywriting and the photos that are visually appealing with accent touches and backgrounds.

We also looked extensively at other food blogs and the tools they were using on their sites. Like many others, we chose the WP Tasty suite of tools.

We both feel the site look and functionality is exactly what we wanted to achieve. 


Website Development

Food Photography and Staging

When it comes to photographs on websites, it is especially crucial on food blogging sites. A bland or poor photo of the food item and people are simply going to leave.

However, if the photograph is visually appealing, visitors are much more likely to look at your article or recipe.

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