My Latest Projects

Here is a sampling of some of my latest website design and redesigns. 

Featured Project

3D Printing Today

This site gives an overview of a technology that is becoming more and more mainstream – 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. One of the purposes of this site was to make this technology more easily understandable and relevant to the general public as well as providing a platform for those already deeply engaged in the 3d printing industry. 

Inviting Muslims to Christ

The genesis of this site was to create a site where the claims of Islam and Christianity could be presented and discussed in a way that was non-threatening and open and comfortable, thus the coffee motif.

How often do we discuss topics over a cup of coffee And this is especially true in many other cultures, such as the Middle East. The client is very pleased with this look and has received numerous compliments on the look and content.

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