I'm David and I Design and Develop Beautiful Websites

Since I founded Poiema Design back in 1996, I have always thought that a website should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Web design should involve design, not simply content; blending a balance of style and structure to draw in clients and visitors. Check out my portfolio to see what I mean.

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Website Design

I firmly believe that a website should have a well thought out design that enhances your content, not gets in the way of your content. Colors, fonts, and images need to work together to enhance the site.

Website Design

I have been building beautifully responsive websites for clients since 1996. Clients have ranged from oil and gas to software firms to custom builders to ministries to engineering firms and many more.

Social Media

I have worked with clients to implement – as well as improve – existing social media engagement on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization

I’ve worked with numerous clients to maximize their SEO. After all, if your site cannot be found, it doesn’t do you much good, does it?

Built From Scratch

Already have an idea of how you want your site to look? I can take your vision of your website and convert it into reality, 

Choose a Premade Template

For many of my clients, I will take a premade template and then modify it substantially to suit your website’s needs and goals. 

Maintenance & Updates

No website is ever truly completed, as security and performance updates to the themes, plugins and WordPress used in building the site come out frequently, usually at least once a month. My maintenance package assures your site is as current and secure as is possible.

Website Development

I will develop your site both from the front-end, what people see on the web, as well as the backend, which creates much greater functionality and better user experience.

Featured Work

Website Design and Social Media

My Sweet Tooth Bakery

This website was, and continues to be, literally a “labor of love”. Besides the amazing photos and content, this is a site I made for my wife and it has been a delight to design, create and see it grow.

The site has some of the best food photography I’ve seen, and, for this type of site, photography is critical. And the recipes she has put together on the site are delicious!

Website Development and Design

3D Printing Today

This site is an outgrowth of the 3D Printing Today LinkedIn group, which has almost 60,000 members around the world. A number of technologies and significant SEO were implemented on this site.

About Me

Designing and Building Websites Since 1996

I’ve been building websites professionally since 1996, Before this time, I did several sites for friends but decided to hang my hat up as a financial planner, after almost 20 years, to devote full time to web design.

I’ve never looked back.

I love the creative aspect of what I do, as well as the technical side. To build a beautiful and functionally elegant site that conveys what my clients offer and do for their clients is immensely satisfying to me.

In my spare time, my wife and I enjoy the outdoors, mentoring and discipling couples, road trips, and visiting our children and grandchildren.

  • Web Design
  • SEO and Social Media
  • eCommerce
Tess and David


  • Designing sites since 1996.
  • Clients from the west coast to the east coast
  • Have created sites across multiple industries and sectors
  • Have worked with small business owners in various capacities since 1979


  • Founded, taught and led a WordPress Meetup in Houston
  • Many online courses on SEO, social media, and website optimization
  • Undergraduate degree in History
  • Postgraduate in business

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